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Book Reviews


Book Reviews


Monday, 26 April 2021

THE GOPI DIARIES - Book Review by Aman Rahman, IV A

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The Gopi Diaries series of 3 books written by Sudha Murty. It tells the true story about a dog called Gopi. The first part of the series is Coming Home and the second part of the series is Finding Love and the third part of the series is yet to be published. 

In the first part of the series Gopi tells how he gets into his new home and he tells about his new family and his experiences. In the second part of the series we can read how Gopi gets the love from everyone and how naughty he is playing in the office. Later Gopi becomes a good dog helping 2 small injured dogs.

It was fun reading this book. I am sure that you all will enjoy reading this book and will love Gopi.

Aman Rahman
Class IV A

Saturday, 24 April 2021


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 Name of the book: SECRET SEVEN ADVENTURE 
Author: Enid Blyton 

I love to read secret seven books. It’s so thrilling and it’s full of excitement. I read a new book named as Secret Seven adventure. It’s a wonderful book. In this the story attribute that the secret society try to solve a mystery, a pearl necklace got stole by a thief. The nice part was that SECRET SEVEN was there near the area of the crime. And Peter, the head of the society saw the thief in a quick blast and Colin saw the thief's head and ears. By this small evidence they started to investigate the crime and collecting more evidence from different places. They went to different places to find the thief but whatever they think is conclude will lose at the end. But at last they found the real thief with the help of police force. 

My favourite character in this society is Peter, the head of the society. To know more about the book read the awesome book.

Name: DIYA.D.P   Class: 9B

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Grandma's Bag of Stories - Book Review by Drisya D P

KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     10:23:00  2 comments
 'Grandma's Bag of Stories'
By Sudha Murty

Grandma's Bag of Stories is a lovely book written by Sudha Murty. In this book the children go to meet their grandparents (Ajja and Ajji). They also meet Vishnu Kaka's grandchildren. Together the seven children go to a fair, the weekly market, Rehmatchacha's place and a fun-filled picnic. But their favourite activity is to gather around and listen to their grandparent’s stories.

 There are 21 to 22 stories in this storybook. It’s funny, spirited and inspiring each of these stories. And I am thanking Sudha Murty for these Marvelous stories.   

By Drisya DP


KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     10:17:00  1 comment

Which Goosebumps fan doesn't know the series of Horrorland?This is one of the books I read and liked during this pandemic. I am a horror lover, so I pretty much love this series. And when I came across RL Stine, I have to admit that he is an amazing writer. This series is one off his masterpieces. I have read lots of his books and now am addicted to them.Now, I am going to give you all a summary on what this book is about.

There he is, in his house in the centre of Horrorland. Jonathan Chiller. He owns the Horrorland gift shop. Sometimes he refused to let kids pay for their gifts. He said, “You can pay me next time"
What does that mean?
You are about to find out because the next time has arrived!
Six children find themselves pulled away from their house, back to Chiller's frightening shop. “Its payback time" he tells them. “We are going to play a game. The winners can go home. The losers will stay here forever". He also tells them that there are also going to be hunters hunting for them. The kids feel terrified and confused. But it didn't take long for them to figure out that he was cheating. 
Will they escape? Or are they going to stuck there forever? 
Well, why should I spoil the suspense?? Go and grab the book to find out what happened. 

Ameya S. Nair
7 D

Monday, 25 January 2021

MATILDA by Roald Dahl - Book Review

KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     20:43:00  No comments

      Author-Roald Dahl
     Illustrated – Quentin Blake
      Published By-Puffin

  Matilda is a book written by Roald Dahl in 1988.It is a wonderful book and I was not able to keep my eye away from the book when I  got it.Now you   would to understand how interesting the book is.
The book tells us the story of a small girl named Matilda.She lives with her  parents Mr &Mrs Wormwood and her brother Michael wormwood. Matilda is an intelligent child who is gifted in mathematics and reading. But her parents doesn’t approve of that and her father tears her library book when he sees her reading it. Her fater Mr Wormwood is an extremely dishonest business man and her mother Mrs Wormwood is an inattentive mother for her children and give importance to her appearance and loves to play bingo. Her brother Michael loves watching television and doesn’t really care about studies and reading just like them. 
Matilda starts her schooling late when she was five and half years old. But her teacher Miss Jennifer Honey realises that she is gifted in mathematics and reading . Miss Honey is the first person to appreciate and encourage her extraordinary intelligence. Miss Trunch Bull the head mistress is unkind and used to torture her students on a torture chamber called the Chokey. Everyone is afraid of her . Miss Honey requests Miss Trunchbull to shift her to upper class. But Miss Trunchbull doesn’t agree with that and Miss Honey tries to teach her in another way to give her book of upper class students and tells her to read it during the class. One day Miss Honey was announcing a message and told Matilda to stop reading and listen. The announcement was that Miss Trunchbul will be coming to each class on a day per week, on our class its Thursday. So everyone should study multiplication table, spellings and also she will come just after the lunch break so keep the class neat and tidy and wash your hands properly , cut your nails properly and also don’t argue with her. One child should bring water in her jug and keep it on the table.”So, who will do the duty ?”asked Miss Honey. Then one of Mathilda’s classmate Lavender stood up and said that he will do the job. The next day was Thursday. Lavender decided to prank on Miss Trunchbul…….
Do you want to know what Lavender did and what what happens next ?
Well I will not tell you . You should read the book Matilda……………

Bhadra, VI D

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