Geronimo Stilton: My Favourite Book

My favourite book is the series of Geronimo Stilton.
I love the series of Geronimo Stilton because it is filled with a lots of excitement, mystery and innovation.
My favourite character in the series of Geronimo Stilton is his sister Thea Stilton which is an interesting character. Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton and all the Stilton family are mouses.
I almost have ten books from the series of Geronimo Stilton . I have chosen this book as my favourite because it was the first series of books I read.
Now it is my routine to read a Geronimo Stilton series book every now and then. There are various
editions for Geronimo Stilton series. I am anxiously looking forward to read all the series of Geronimo Stilton soon one day.

C Nanditha Krishna
Class VIII B

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