Jungle Book - Book Review by Aswin Dev 6 A

Jungle Book is a adventurous book by Rudyard Kipling.Its all about a boy called Mowgli who is raised in the jungle by wolves Raksha and Rama ,In this book Rudyard Kipling has written his adventurous with his friends Balu (Bear), Bagheera (Black panther) and Kaa (Python).It was published on 1894. There are almost 14 chapters in the book. Publisher of Jungle Book is Macmillan.

Rudyard Kipling has introduced Mowglis fight with the villain in that jungle called Sherkhan (Tiger) with his servant called Tabaki (Wolf).
In this book I liked to read the fight of Mowgli with Sherkhan and in all fight Mowgli wins with his cleverness.
In this story I have liked the character Mowgli because of his cleverness and his guts to fight with Sherkhan. At last of the book Mowgli will kill Sherkhan. 
I think all like this book and this is a famous story, this story based movie is also there.
Almost all animals are there in this book.
I will recommend this book to my friends, family members etc…, because I know that all will read this book and they will enjoy.
This book is suitable for all years but most kids between 7 to 11 years read this book.

Aswin Dev 6 A


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