Title of the Book:”The Merchant of Venice”
Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: UBS Publishers Distributors
Year of publishing: 2018
Price: Rs.215
ISBN: 978-81-7476-099-9
Pages: 315

‘The Merchant of Venice’ is a World Wide famous play story and an advancement in the writer, William Shakespeare’s dramatic art. Two separate stories are blended together by Shakespeare to create this superb play story. This story has traditionally been accepted as a romantic comedy by many critics, for it ends in enormous fun and laughter. 

This story deals with the things that happens between two Merchants of Venice. One is Shylock who is a Jew and the other one is Antonio who is a Christian. One important fact of this story is that both the merchants are having their own different characters and thoughts, and this is the main cause for the starting of this story. Portia, Antonio’s friend’s wife has an important role and her role brings a change in the way of the story. Shakespeare has written this play story very well that every reader will get excited to know what is going to happen next in the story. 

This was such an awesome book that I kept on reading this book without blinking my eyes! I was so thrilled and excited to read this book and I was having a great experience reading this book. I am sure that every reader will have a good opinion after reading this story. 

This was such an interesting story that I decided to read maximum stories written by Shakespeare. I suggest every book lover to read this story at the nearest. So dear readers…….get, set, and read!!!

Amitha. A

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