Goosebumps-Vampire breath

 Two children are really couragious and they don't  have to worry about anything.. One day they go under the basement of thir house.They started playing there when suddenly one of them fell down on a almirah and it moved. When they looked behind they saw a door that they have never saw before...They got really excited that they wanted to open the door. When they entered the door they found a large cave and they went through through.When they went ahead they again saw a door which was open.They went in to see a coffin. when they again opened the coffin they did nat find anything but a bottle of  Vampire breath!!!

 This book is  a really interesting one from the goosebumps collection
I advise the regular readers of Goosebumps to read this speacial book...

                                               Thank you!!!!

                                                                                                               Abhishek Kasturi

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