Guliver's Travels

I happen to read the book"Gulliver's travels" written by Jonathan Swift which I had got from our school as a prize for participation  in CCA competition when I was studying in class 3.

The story goes like this-
The person named Guliver travels by sea to raise his fortune. During his voyage he happen to visit the place named Lilliput where, everything is so tiny. People there thought him to be a monster.
The emperor of Lilliput arrested him thinking that he would bring some disaster to them.  After many sittings in the court of land they released him when they got  convinced that he is not a threat to them.

In another place called Broabdinag, he was the shortest  and the people there were like monster to him unlike Lilliput.

The story is reaaaaaaaaaally very interesting. One must definitely read this book without fail.

Thank you,

Abhishek Kasturi
vi - b

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