Manjaveyil Maranangal (Malayalam) by Benyamin

Manjaveyil Maranangal
by Benyamin
Publisher: DC Books
356 pages
Rs. 226/-
After reading "Aadujeevitham", I picked up this suspense thriller from the writer with a lot of expectations.

The story is set in Diego Garcia, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. It revolves around the central character, Christie Anthraper; the youngest descendant of the Anthraper clan. The story starts in an interesting way with the author receiving a part of the manuscript of the novel written by Christie. The manuscript narrates the incidents in the life of Christie, how he witnesses the murder of his classmate Senthil and later finds out, to his surprise, that the authorities are trying to cover it up as a natural death.

The entire story is narrated in two different tracks, first one being the authors attempt to get the remaining parts of the manuscript and the second one the story that is unfolded through the manuscript.

Manjaveyil Maranangal takes off giving the feeling a real thriller and after a long time, I spent a whole day reading a book. But after the much interesting first half,  I felt the climax a little bit disappointing.

The presentation of the story and writing style is quite different, added with the double suspense, making it a real page turner. Still somewhere in the middle it loses its charm. It is a good read. Recommended for the suspense and style of presentation.

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