The Fourth Meeting

     The meeting for our club members, the last before the vacation. As we joined at the library, our Librarian Sir, announced about the activity. Some students were called out, well, including me. The task was so simple, just to pass a small story from one another. The first to read the story was our Club Secretary Sweta Sashidharan from class 10th.

    It continued till it reached at the ear of the 23rd student, when the story had shaped out to nothing.
The funny fact was that at the beginning, the story started with an accountant. He was described as a 'Firm Accountant'. It even reached to 'Murthy, the farmer!'... Moreover, there had many endings for different students. Our Librarian Sir selected this activity to show how a news spread through a society. We all enjoyed, and laughed a lot!

 Sayooj Samuel
     IX A

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