Twilight is an extraordinary love story of a vampire and a human. Written by Stephenie Meyer, published by atom books. It has 450 pages and the font size is small. In my opinion, the name of the book and the cover page is symbolic. What I understood from the title is that darkness was approaching for the protagonist just like night was falling, but there was a soft glow of light just like twilight which I think is her love. The main characters are Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen, Charlie, Jacob Black, Carlisle, Billie, Jessie, Mike and so on.  

Bella moves to Forks to live with her dad. There she meets Edward Cullen. Though at first his behavior was strange, they fell in love soon. The book further describes about their unique love story and the danger Bella had to befall.

This love story is awesome as you all know. I had seen the movie too, but as always, books r the best! Though the font size is small, I got absorbed to the book as I found that the language is too good. I know that there are many twilight lovers in school and now I’m one among them too. I’d like to suggest this book to all teenagers.
T.Anagha Sivadas
9 C, S4399

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