The folks tales with values from Our land

On 8|7|14 I took a book from  the library. It was The folks tales with values from Our land.I read all the stories but two of them were interesting ,they were Astrologer's luck, and sharing the  property. In Astrologer's luck, there lived a poor man, who although named Harisman. His nick name was Manduka (frog). He was a lazy  boy ,but he had braveness in his mind. Sometimes he say something that become true.Suddenly he was known as a popular Astrologer of the kingdom.The message I got from this is "Fortune favours the brave". 

In Sharing the property , there lived a man  in the northern India  he was a milk man,he had two sons, the elder  one was cunning. The younger  one was simpleton.When their father died they divided  themselves. There was only a  buffalo  and a costly blanket. The front  portion of  the  buffalo was given to  the  younger one and the back portion  was given to the elder one. During day time the younger one would use the blanket, during night elder one would  take it, but suffering all these  things the younger one can't tolerate. Then he went to Govardhan, he told that his elder brother was cheating him.He did as the pandit told him. By realising all these cheating he  did, the elder one with him. The lesson I got is "Don't cheat Others it will Back fire.

Deepika Pradeep

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