Review of Breaking Dawn

Review of "Breaking dawn"
Most of you readers must have noticed the book Breaking Dawn, but I am sure, in that 50% of you won't have read because of its size. No matter how much its size is, if you have a real interest it will be finished in not more than 3 days.

This book "Breaking Dawn" written by Stephenie Meyer is such a book with almost 700 pages. It is the fourth part in the bunch of Twilight. This is a continuous story of the other parts of Twilight. The different characters in the story makes it interesting. Bella, in this story is confused whether to go with Edward or Jacob, her friend. She realized that she loved both of them. But at last she makes a good decision. This book also has an unexpected ending.

This book was published in Great Britain in 2008. As this book costs a high amount I suggest that one can read it from libraries or from their friends.  I also suggest everyone who likes horror and love stories to read this book.  

                                         J Afreen Zaibu
                                                 IX D

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