Review of Matilda

Review of Matilda

One of the most interesting books of Roald Dahl "Matilda" includes a variety of characters which I felt the most wonderful. The book first published by Jonathan Cape in 1988 costs just 239 Rs. This book is illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Matilda, a girl who is very fond of reading had an intelligent brain. But no one, even her parents just couldn't recognise her talents. It was when she started attending a school, she came across a teacher who figured out her abilities. But then her Miss also faced a bunch of problems. Now Matilda is trying to solve it.

I am not going to break the suspense. The book is really interesting to read as it also includes cartoon pictures. The book also contains a bunch of humours making it really enjoyable. I suggest all who like reading to read this book.

                            J Afreen Zaibu
                                  IX D

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