My First Day at the Library

In this new academic year,I've sworn that . I'll take many books from the library and surely read it fully in a day and earn more library points as much as I can. 
I was very eager for getting the library card, I wished that, if I could get it today itself (5.6.18) .When I came to know someone collecting the book, I started writing fast, in the book. Sir was busy doing his work,but I kept on reading 'Champak'. Many of my friends  asked me,"Why are you reading ?", but kept quite and I kept on reading . I was happy reading books and the thoughts, poems that were framed and were stuck on the wall . 
I've also sworn that I will submit my books on the correct time .
"A friend may cheat you, but a book will never cheat you".

 Devika VII B

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