Geronimo Stilton:A Stinky Cheese Vacation

 In this book Geronimo gets a letter from his uncle when he was checking his letters . His uncle had written that he should come to the castle and meet him because he is going to die. So,Geronimo rushed to his uncle. When he reached there his uncle's home was so dirty and broken and his uncle gave him so much work saying that it was his last wish but his uncle was making him a fool . His uncle wanted to make the castle a hotel , a five - cheese hotel . I think he meant five star hotel . Finally a twist came , they found a treasure .

I liked the story but I didn't like the treasure . The treasure was cheese and it was many years old . This is was very funny . Fa - bulously - funny .The people who only like to read thrillers and horror  stories will not like this book .  I liked this book very much

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