Amar Chithra Katha: Tipu Sultan


Name of the book: Tipu Sultan
Publisher: Amar Chithra Katha
Editor: Anant Pai
Price: Rupees 35

Tipu Sultan, known as the Tiger of Mysore, was a brave warrior and a powerful ruler. He was the successor of Haider Ali .I have read about him in history textbooks and heard about him. He wanted to drive about the foreigners from India and wanted freedom. It was actually a nice book to read. He fought four wars with the British until during the last war he was betrayed by his own man. 

The comic just made it easy to understand. It also shows his stories that I have never heard of.  So it was interesting to me. But I couldn’t know what happened after his death so that was a disadvantage to me. It is a really good book to someone who loves history and wants to know about Srirangapatanam, Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan all.

Abheek R, VIII A

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