All Time Favourite Fairy Tales

I read a book named 'All Time Favourite Fairy Tales'. In this book there are 8 stories and I read all these stories and my favourite story that I read from this book is the 'Frog Prince'.

There was a prince who had 3 daughters. His youngest daughter was the most beautiful and also she had a great attitude.
One day she as playing with a ball of golden colour. While she was playing, the ball slipped and fell into the well which was very deep. When she was was very sad, she saw a frog. The  frog told the princess that he will take the ball but the princess must take him wherever she goes. The princess agreed and the frog took the ball and the princess and both the frog came to bed. The frog asked the princess to kiss him and when the princess kissed him,the frog became a beautiful and handsome prince. At last the princess and the princess got married and lived forever.

The other stories in this book are also good.

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