Amar Chithra Katha: 3 IN 1 DASHA AVATAR

This book is published by Amar Chithra Katha. This story is about the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu. Vishnu is regarded as the protector of the universe in the ancient Hindu mythology, every time there is a problem in earth and the gods cannot solve it they turn to lord Vishnu. 

This book is about the ten incarnations he took to save the universe. They are Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Prashurama, Krishna, Rama, Buddha and Kalki. They emerged in different periods of time. Matsya is a fish, Kurma the turtle helped in the churning of ocean, Varaha the boar lifted the earth and saved it, Narasimha a half human and half lion, Vamana a dwarf Brahmin, Prashurama the Brahmin who wanted to kill the kshatriyas, Krishna the glorious avatar whom everyone knows, Rama the brave human who killed Ravana the demon, Buddha the human who left all riches and became a saint and Kalki the last avatar who is said to appear in the modern era. This book provides a brief on every avatar. This book does not provide specific information on every avatar but still good to read.

Abheek R 8-A

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