The Fisherman and the Genie

The fisherman and the genie
Published by: Pegasus

I took this book because the cover picture is so nice.
It is a story about a fisherman who daily comes near the river and catches some fishes for  to live with his family. The fisher man was a poor person, but he had a condition he will throw his fish not four times a day. And one day he threw net for 1st time he got only some rubbish., the 2nd time he didn't get anything, 3rd time nothing and that time he was praying for god to get something at the fourth time. But at this got nothing but a vase. A golden vase he thought of making the vase open with his knife so he could get some money or something else. 
He opened it a genie came out of that vase. It was a horrible genie. The fisherman was surprised. He asked who are you. The genie replied "I am a genie"."I rebelled against the king of genie. To punish me, he shut me up in this jar and he had me thrown into the sea." He also told that, "I thought of giving him a wish like to make him the richest man for the generation but no one opened the jar to release me, and in the second generation I vowed to give all treasures of the world to the person, in the third  generation, I  promised to make that person a king and to be always with him, grant him three wishes daily in the fourth generation. I vowed that if anyone would release me, I would kill him to choose in what way he wanna die but in the above three of the generation no one came, in the fourth generation you came so I need to kill you now. 
The fisherman was afraid he suddenly thought for a plan and told that genie, "OK. I will die but before that I want to know how can you from this jar even your feet cannot adjust in this. The foolish genie to prove this fisherman went into the jar again in a smoke form and the fisherman closed the jar by the change- the genie tried to get out from the jar but it failed.
I liked the story very much.

Neha Haridas, VI A

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