After issuing this book from our library I would like to say that each second when I was reading this book counted for everything. This is an amazing book written by John Boyne and published by David Fickling Books in 2006. After reading the first page or even the first line, I can promise that every reader will tempt to read the rest as the sentences are very much enticing.

The story is narrated from the viewpoint of a nine year old German boy named Bruno. John Boyne has excellently narrated the experience of Bruno who is the son of a Nazi commandant during the World War II. Towards the end of the book there contains an interview with John Boyne about the book which is a unique attraction of the book. I would say that this is a book with a historical genre. Every reader above the age 12 can read this book and enjoy. Even the book cover is very much meaningful and it is relatively matching to the content of the book. It also involves lots of tension and suspense, which grips the reader to enjoy this book. Towards the end of the book, I don’t like to disclose these things but still, tears rolled down my eyes. So all my dear readers it’s just a request, grab this book today itself and enjoy the sweetness of reading.

Abijeeth satheesh
         IX C

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