“It’s the little things that make happy moments, not the grand events.”

This has been proved by Venitha Coelho again in her short novel; “The Tiger by the Tail”. This book is a roller coaster which takes readers to an imaginary world. This is a novel of just 166 pages but while reading, it gives us an effect of reading a 1000 paged entertainer. 

This was my second Venitha Coelho book,and this book didn’t spoil my interest but it just got added to my interest in her books. This is a book recommended to readers above the age 10. In this book,  Venitha Coelho has illustrated the life of an eleven year old boy named Rana who understands that he can speak in a language known and understood by all animals. Rana and his companions, a tiger and a monkey form an Animal Intelligence Agency (AIA) who sets off on a mission to save the animals. They found that tigers went missing in part of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. 

The characters in the story are brilliant and their dialogues are carved out like a beautiful sculpture. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story which add to the beauty of the story. For further fun grab this book from our library today itself. Reading this book is the coolest way for children to understand the endangered national animal. The author has spun the wheel of imagination to create a beautiful story around the animal. This book packs a fun adventure and I recommend this to all young adults who love reading. 

Abijeeth Satheesh

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