George Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl

It is the story about a brave eight year old boy George. 
The characters in the story are George, Mr Kranky, Mrs Kranky and Grandmother. George hated his grandma he really hated that horrid witchy women. His father was a farmer. George spends his day with animals.
One day his mother and father was not there. George was irritated by his grandma. Suddenly he had a tremendous wish to do something about his grandma something surprising, something absolutely terrific , a real shocker, a sort of explosion. He thought a lot what should be this shocker for grandma?  After sometime his eyes fell on a bottle with grandma’s medicine. George got an idea  A magic medicine it shall be!. He decided to make magic medicine. He took a sauce pan he put many things in it. 

It was a amazing story . I loved it very much and I  strongly recommend everyone to read it.

Fidha Rahman

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