The Treasure Island : Book Review

Title of the book: “The Treasure Island”
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Publisher: Little Scholarz Pvt Ltd.
Year of Publication: 2019
Price: Rs.80
ISBN: 978-93-86063-35-9
Pages: 152

A story or a novel must attract all the readers. The novel ‘The Treasure Island’, written by the great writer ’Robert Louis Stevenson’, is one such book that I have ever read, which attracts all the readers irrespective of their age. This novel deals with the boyhood adventure of ‘Jim Hawkins’, on a quest for buried treasure. Jim is a young boy who helps his parents to run their sea side inn. The whole treasure finding adventure starts after the death of one of their lodger named Billy Bones. This novel is filled by lots and lots of adventures,mutinies, treasure maps and thrillers. This story even created me a mind to write another treasure related story of my own creation! 

Anyway, I am a true lover of fiction especially adventures and thrillers. So I liked it very much. Reading this book was a good experience for me. If you read this book one time, you will seem to read it again and again. So dear readers, if you want to know the whole treasure finding story which inspired me, and if you are true lovers of adventures and thrillers, you must try to read this novel as soon as possible. Your time starts from now!!!

Name of the Student: Amitha .A
Class and Section: 8-A

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