Name of the book: SECRET SEVEN ADVENTURE 
Author: Enid Blyton 

I love to read secret seven books. It’s so thrilling and it’s full of excitement. I read a new book named as Secret Seven adventure. It’s a wonderful book. In this the story attribute that the secret society try to solve a mystery, a pearl necklace got stole by a thief. The nice part was that SECRET SEVEN was there near the area of the crime. And Peter, the head of the society saw the thief in a quick blast and Colin saw the thief's head and ears. By this small evidence they started to investigate the crime and collecting more evidence from different places. They went to different places to find the thief but whatever they think is conclude will lose at the end. But at last they found the real thief with the help of police force. 

My favourite character in this society is Peter, the head of the society. To know more about the book read the awesome book.

Name: DIYA.D.P   Class: 9B

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