Little Women - Book Review by Joshna N, 6 D

`Little women` is a wonderful book written by one of the famous American novelist Louisa May Alcott. 

The story tells us about 4 sisters Meg, Amy, Beth and Jo.Meg is the eldest one she is a governess.Jo is the second and she writes well and wants to become a writer. Beth is the Third sister who is shy and gentle. Amy is the youngest and wants to become a painter. Their mother is Mrs. March and their father is Mr. March who is at civil war of America. That year`s Christmas was not fun because Mr. March was not there. The 4 sisters became friends with their neighbor Laurence often called Laurie. Mr.March became sick and Mrs. March had to go to him. But in between that Beth got Scarlet Fever. So for the safety of Amy she went to Aunt March`s house. Then Mr. March was fine and came back. Beth was recovering but was still weak. To know the rest of the story and how the sisters settle down read this amazing book ‘Little women’. 

When I read the book I found that even if we have a very big problem we must now how to solve it. My favourite character is Jo. I recommend this book for children aged 10 – 12.

Joshna N, VI D

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