Author Meet with Mrs. Deepa Santhosh

It was an amazing experience. As Mujib sir told us ,we, the members of readers club and literary club are the luckiest members among this whole school. It was so interesting, talking to an author and hearing her experience was a different feeling. She told us about many things, Her inspiration was Sri.Trivikraman Sir. In her childhood, she used to play 'Shabthareka' of poems in radio. At that times she used to ask her mother that where does this sound came from? She also wanted her voice to be heard in it. And she used to imagine that. Atlast she got a chance to speak in it. 'Think good and work for it' You will definitely achieve your dream.
Imagine a lot,
Read less than you imagine,
write less than you read

We all starts to imagine from our childhood onwards and at all times.
'Reading is imagination, imagine while reading'
She told us a story. It was about love and all kinds of art forms started from hunger.

Q. When did you first start writing stories?
A. When she was studying TTC.
Q. First motivation
A. Subhadra teacher 
Q. First book
A. മോഹാക്ഷരങ്ങൾ
Q. Book published
A. 2
Q. Language
A. Malayalam
Q. Her favourite book
A. നീര്‍മാതളം പൂത്തകാലo

We came accross many new experiences . When listening to her, we didn't noticed the time that went on . She said that,  'when you say something to someone by our imagination, that will become a lie. But when we write it somewhere it will become a story.
She asked us to take a diary and note down whatever you imagine and grammar is not a matter here. Also you want to preserve whatever you writes, even if it's a small thing.

And Thus it ended up peacefully!

Sofiya, IX C 

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