Secret seven Mystery

 Elizabeth, a girl steels money from her teachers table. When police comes to ask her about the money, she ran away from the house.Her granny tells that Elizabeth did not take any dress with her other than the School uniform she was wearing.And her granny feels that  Elizabeth,had not stollen the money.As usual the secret seven are up to solve the mystery.They collect all the information as possible about the missing girl.They also knew that she was fond of horses.They also got some information that her parents were abroad and her brother was there in France.The seven split apart and search nearly four to five places.Jack and Peter went to Elizabeth's granny's house where she lived and found out that everynight food was missing from the kitchen . So they suspected that Elizabeth was coming every night to have food as she had no money. Meanwhile George and Janet go to the nearby stables to find if she was working there because they knew that she was fond of horses.There they meet two stable boys.One of them was Tom, who told that he saw Elizabeth When she came there asking for some work in the stables. When Tom spoke to her She told him that she was going to France where her brother lived.One night the four boys of the secret seven planned to keep a watch  on the house where, Elizabeth lived.

Tom also told that he would accompany the four. But, all the five could not find anything. Next day the seven found out that Elizabeth's brother had come to the village hearing about Elizabeth.Then a phone call came from Elizabeth's head mistress that the truth came forward. It was not 
Elizabeth but her best friend who stole the money.She had done this as she was jealous of Elizabeth.That's why she had put this money in her bag. Then Peter told Elizabeth's brother about the stable boy who had seen Elizabeth.

When her brother went to see Tom he ran away.Peter got astonished by the way Tom behaved. Then he felt suspicious.Now he knew the truth that Tom was not a boy but Elizabeth herself.All of them were astonished  on hearing this.When Peter asked the so called Tom- tears ran down his cheeks. The mystery was solved and all of them were happy again .

                                                                                                               Abhishek Kasturi

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