George and the Big Bang

Authors : Lucy and Stephen Hawkings

This is a wonderful book. The book is all about a kid named George witnessing the Big Bang by going back in time. It is a science fiction and has a lot of mysteries in it.
I found it hard to understand the scientific terms but I sure did enjoy it. i found the story very interesting. The beginning of the story was boring me, but when it reached half way through, it pumped me up to read the full story. It is written in such a way that it makes you skip some pages to find out what comes next. The story has a great unexpected twist which I liked very much. 
This book made me think like I was going to space and I could know what the space really looked like through the amazing photos in between.
I suggest this book for all who love exploring the mysteries of space. This book provides a lot of information for young astronauts. I wasn't surprised at all when I read the book because one of the author of this book was none other than the great scientist Stephen Hawkings. I really wish I could go to the space and explore it on my own.

Akul Rajeev
8- A

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