In this book, known as George’s marvellous medicine, George is a boy who is almost ruled by his grandma, who is a grumpy and grizzly old grouch. George wants to teach her a lesson. So when it’s time for her medicine, he makes a mischivious medicine with some shampoo, grease, toothpaste and whatnot!!  He gives her the medicine and guess what! She grows and grows and grows, till she becomes like a tower !!!!! The same happens to a hen when George gives the medicine.
Then Mr. Killy Kranky, George’s father arrives, and, he likes the medicine!

The rest of the story goes that George and Mr. Kranky together make thee medicines similar to this   and the final one makes grandma fully disappear!!!! This book is published by puffin books. It is illustrated by Quentin blake. The cost of the book is 50 rupees.
                                                       V. Shankar Raman

                                                                                    VII A

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