Angels & Demons

PAGES: 645
PUBLISHERS: Transworld Publishers
Author: Dan Brown

Angels & Demons is an awesome book written by Dan Brown. The main characters are Robert Langdon, Vittoria Vetra, Maximilian Kohler and Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca.
      A mind thrilling book it is. I was afraid, at first that it might end up as a disaster of a book as my father (who haven't read it until now) said that this book was not that much a hit. But now I know that experience is the real teacher. It is a story which is describing what happened in a few hours.
    It cannot be called as a complete fiction, but rather as a fact-fiction. The story is made up but the places and facts that we get to know about in this book are innumerable. I came to know about a lot of places in Rome. I did not know Vatican City is the smallest country in the world (I did not even know that it is a country). Brown has also explained about anti-matter. "Wow". That is what I felt about when I read about it.
  Angels & Demons narrates the rise of Illuminati brotherhood, a satanic cult, believed to be deceased long ago. These are all mind blowing. The four alters of science, Vittoria and Langdon tracking it down, and all these happening in a few hours, it was fantabulous. And the climax is something which cannot be explained, it must be experienced, and I have had chills. It is an actual war between science and religion. I'm no more being a secret revealing nuisance. Dan Brown has swept my mind. He has got this style of making us comfortable by keeping the main character's mind suit with ours. I recommend it to all science loving, art loving, mystery loving, curious friends. There is also a whole bunch of vocabulary inside, you just need to turn the pages. I hope everyone will have a thrilling time reading it.
     (The Illuminati brotherhood is a fact, it existed, but the story is fiction. (Facts page in the book.))

                                                                      - Gopika. K
  IX-A                                                                      S4040

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