2 States The Story of My Marriage

Publishers: Rupa & co.
Published: October 8, 2009
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Adaptations: 2 States (2014)
Genre: Fiction
Language: English                                                                                 2 States the Story of My Marriage is another love story by Chetan Bhagat. Chetan has included lots of humorous incidents in the book. It is narrated in very simple language and can be understood by any age group. It is given in the cover page itself that it is Bhagat's own marriage story. It is also given in the author's note of the book that it is fictional, perhaps most part maybe fictional. But I felt it the other way because he has written in such a way that he has experienced each and every moment described in the book.
      Definitely, the hero's name is not Chetan, it is Krish Malhotra. And the heroin, of course the actual name of Bhagat's wife, Ananya Swaminathan. It is, as the name of book suggests, a story of a couple who is from two different states, who met at IIM Hyderabad and badly wants to marry each other. The book is all about getting their parents to like the life partner whom they chose. It is all about the difficulties they face to their task, and the problems of making their family membersto like each other.

       We get to know only Krish fully, as Krish is the narrator, and everything is seen from his perspective. But Krish wholly is a fantabulous character, I felt. He is a very lovable person, who wants to be a writer, but wants to get settled and wants to be considerably rich first and so goes after a bank employment. He cares a lot about his mother too. As for Ananya, a very brave and daring Tamil Brahmin girl, who is not at all like the rest of the members of her family, but a little over smart and over daring. She's very self-dependent too.
      Filled with humorous incidents, I felt it quite an interesting book. But I found that there is not much value that the book can provide. Definitely there is a big twist at the end ad at that point, it provides a remarkable value. The book is converted into a Bollywood movie with the same name, starred by Aliya Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor.

      I cannot say that I enjoyed thoroughly, but as an entertainment for the moment, it can definitely be suggested. Likes of people may vary, especially about this book, as my research for opinions about 2 States did not end in a smooth manner, just like my own opinion. I think I can suggest it to people who like love stories and also humours of real life.
                                                                                                                                -Gopika K

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