Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

-          Chetan Bhagat


The most awaited book by CB. Published by Rupa Publications India. It has 260 pages. I was excited from the moment I finally got hold of this book. I was really curious. What’s this “half girlfriend” business? Since when did these “half relationships” begin?

This is the tale of a Bihari boy called Madhav Jha and a rich girl, Riya Somani. Both gets into St. Stephens by sports quota, they were both basketball players. Madhav being a state player gets into this pompous college despite his crappy English. To top it all, Riya’s chosen English as her subject and is from a wealthy family. Like all love stories, the boy falls in love with the girl. Though she likes him, Riya’s not ready to go beyond friendship. Finally she agrees to be his half girlfriend.

“Half isn’t bad. Depends on how you look at it. Half-empty or half-bad.”

The plot itself is very interesting and this time CB takes us on a journey full of twists and turns. Even Bill Gates himself has a role this time! Well, at the end will he be promoted to “a full boyfriend” from a “half boyfriend” or will this guy screw things up? Will he get this girl after all? The answers to all these questions lay within these pages. So hurry up, grab it soon before the excitement wears away!

P.S. Recommended to all CB lovers.

-T.Anagha Sivadas

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