Totto Chan

The Little Girl at the Window
Totto Chan is an extraordinary book written by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, a Japanese television personality and UNICEF goodwill ambassador. It is published by Kodansha International, Japan. It consists of 230 enthralling pages.  In this book she describes her childhood days during World War II at a very novel kind of a school named Tomoe Gakuen. The school is really unique with Sosaku Kobayashi as its headmaster. The educator adopts different and innovative methods in this school. Lots of fun games and activities are organized to make school an exciting place. The school has successfully bagged a place in my list of favourite schools, after Hogwarts.

Totto Chan is a very naughty girl who got expelled from her first school. She then joins this school where she’s fascinated to the core- railroad classrooms, swimming sessions, walks after studies and lots of other fun stuff! She mingles with her surroundings soon. Another character I liked the most is Yasuaki Chan, a boy having polio. There are also other handicapped children who also study along with the other children, thus eliminating the differences between them. There are many funny anecdotes along with very touching ones. Some of the ones I loved were the bravery test, the cesspool incident and how Totto Chan tries to make Yasuaki Chan climb her tree.

I really loved this book. I would like to recommend this to all students, starting from class VI. Hope you too will love Tomoe and Totto Chan just the way I did!

T.Anagha Sivadas

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