The Graveyard Book

Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pages: 312
Cost: rupees 233
ISBN:  978-0747569015
Illustration: Chris Riddell

The Graveyard Book is a spectacular novel by Neil Gaiman. The main characters are Nobody Owens, Mr. Owens, Mrs. Owens, Silas and Jack Frost. Everyone thinks it’s a ghost story, well actually it is a ghost story, but it cannot be included as the type of ghost-horror story. It’s full of ghosts, except Nobody Owens, Jack Frost and Silas. Silas is a half dead soul, stuck between the world of dead and the living. Nobody looks like nobody but himself, so Silas the keeper of the Graveyard, which is home for Nobody, fondly called Bod, named him Nobody. Bod is discovered by Mrs. Owens, a spirit of the Graveyard, when he was a year old and was entering the graveyard. His parents were murdered. Bod, raised by Mr. and Mrs. Owens, the spirits, undergoes innumerable adventures during his years at graveyard. He is taught many magical things by Silas, his guardian and many others. He even has the capacity to haunt people! Bod learns a lot of good values from his home, the Graveyard. Jack Frost form the Jacks of all Trades is the ultimate villain, who reaches to him for a reason, which is….Only discoverable if you read it.

I recommend it to all but I fear, if you have read Harry Potter, you will find a lot of similarities in the end. The whole concept of climax, I felt, is a lot similar to that of Harry’s life. Gaiman and Rowling may have a mindset alike. But a lot interesting it is, till the end but there is an abrupt conclusion. The magical actions of Haunting, Dream walking and Fading are awesome. 

It was Silas who I liked the most in this book than Bod. He is a very understanding character, always supportive, and who only stands up for good deeds. But Silas’ condition is worse, as I mentioned before, between the world of dead and living… Bod devoured him too… always felt safe when he was around… Anyway I’m no more revealing the secrets that lie within The Graveyard Book. I recommend this book to the ones who love adventures, magic and mysteries.
                                                                                  -Gopika K


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