Go Ahead Secret Seven

The Secret Seven, Peter, Janet, Barbara, Pam, Colin, Jack and George are in the middle of another adventure in the book "Go Ahead Secret Seven" which is the 5th part in the series of "The Secret Seven". This book is first published in the year 1953 in Great Britain by Hodder and Stoughton. It was in 2004 that the book was first published in India. Enid Blyton, the author of the book seems that he love children as he had written so many books related to adventure and mysteries such as "The Secret Seven", "The Famous Five", "The mystery series" etc. which the children like the most. Also another peculiarity is that the characters are always children!
The story of the book "Go Ahead Secret Seven" starts when Jack's sister Susie teases Peter about the society not having any meeting for a long time. This time the seven are in the search for an adventure as nothing comes up in their society. Each member of the society had a work in the city. All of them kept their eyes open expecting any adventure to turn up again. As George and Colin were sent to watch some unsuspecting members in the public, George shadows the wrong person which resulted in the forceful resign from the society. At last Scamper becomes a real member of the society. Fortunately George was in an adventure which was reported to Peter, but he was not permitted by his parents to involve in it. It was a case of dogs disappearing from the city.
The book consists of 18 chapters each containing 5-6 pages. The total pages are about 135. The book has about 100 Rs. Actually, better not to buy the book but read it from someone or from the library!
It was also a nice story. But compared to the other stories of Enid Blyton it was not very exciting as we would be sure that it's George who would find something for their society and he would be taken back. But if we are reading this story of Enid Blyton at first, it would be exiting enough for a child. So I suggest everyone who like to read adventurous books to read this before reading other books of Enid Blyton.
                                                                          J Afreen Zaibu
                                                                                IX D

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