Well done Secret Seven

'Well done Secret Seven' is the third part in the Secret Seven series. In this part Enid Blyton, the writer of this book has used some advanced words so that the children could learn new words for building their vocabulary. This book has 118 pages and cost 99 Rs. The book is divided into 18 chapters too.

The students who like to read about adventures and mysteries will have a great time reading this book. This story is about a new meeting place for the Secret Seven which was a tree house where someone else also visited. Who was using the tree house? Why did he come there? Is there a problem for the person? These are the questions that they solve as to complete the mystery that they are in the trail of solving.

This is one of the most interesting stories that i have read so far. May be its not for others. It just takes an hour to finish the entire book if there is an actual wish to do so. I asked Ajay K V who is my friend about this book as he also had read the book. His reply was surely a positive one. He told that it was a nice mysterious story. I suggest all who love adventures and mysteries to read this book.

                                                                          J Afreen Zaibu
                                                                                IX D

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