Reader's Club Report

Today I was very glad to go for club period. I thought that we would have some extempore, the secondary section got to  do a wonderful activity. The name of the game was 'TRADE & SOLVE' . By hearing the name itself I thought of participate in it , but it was  for the secondary section .... all the time I have this problem of being a junior because I don't get the chance to play these games. Then after that It was our turn to do some activity.The name of the game was 'follow the directions'.By hearing it I was not that interested about the game. Then sir told us the rules to play the game.He gave us a paper on which  was drawn . There were four boxes on which something had been written.Sir told some questions. We gave back our papers and he discussed the answers. No one got full correct answers.By that time bell rang and we went back to class.... That was a nice day..! . hoping that you all will read it ....


DONE BY: DeepikaPradeep

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