Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer

This book is adapted form a true story of the present Prime Minister of United Kingdom in the 20th Century. This book shows the story of a boy Harry Clifton who is the son of a soldier Arthur Clifton and Maisie Clifton. He goes to Hostel School called St.Bedes in London.He works really hard to get there because his family is very poor and his father had died in World War II.

This hits Harry hard and he is forced to leave his mother in search of job where he meets a friend from childhood. Giles Barrington is the son of Hugo Barrington who is in reality another father of Harry. He falls into love with Emma Barrington who is the daughter of Hugo and is praying to prove that he is son of Arthur Clifton and he goes to join the Navy in the Royal Ship "Devonian". But in the End he sinks his ship and takes the identity of a dead man Toma Bradshaw. But when he reaches the United States of America he finds that He is a murderer and a Convict. He goes to jail

Find out what happens next in the following 5 books. You will love this book if you are reading.


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