We started our days activity on picking up a lucky draw for Scholastic Book Fair. The draw was taken by our respected principal SMT K. RAJESWARI. The winner was a Class IV student from primary.
Then our club master, Mujib sir, introduced about the Readers Club. He said that The most important thing to remember in club is that to be disciplined and be active participants in every club activity and to be the role models in the school. Then sir talked about the Readers' Club programmes for the session and informed us about the free IT Training Programmes by the Library. 
It was followed by our Principal launching the three Scratch projects by our readers' club members Antony, Akul Rajeev and Sujith A. First two was quiz and the last one was a game, the three programmes were very interesting. And one student from class 7th D, ADARSH.V, won a surprise gift from our librarian for completing the game developed by Antony
Then the Club Secretaries where selected.  Sir told about coming progammes and competitions and showed us the various source for preparing for the competitions and also demonstrated how to post reviews on the Readers' Club blog.
In every month there will be different competitions and mass reading programme in the school every month. Sir asked us to be the leaders in promoting reading habit among the students. 
He also mentioned the honesty of the some students who have deposited the lost money received during the book fair. He also appreciated the members who volunteered to assist during the book fair and also the students who have come forward to help the small children of classes I and II. He told us to be kind and helpful towards the juniors. He said that the library is always open to all and the books and other resources will never be under lock and key as the library is ours and he do not have any doubt on our integrity and honesty.
The meeting concluded and sir told us that 'READERS CLUB IS THE LEADERS CLUB'.

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