Book Review - Geronimo Stilton : The Temple of the Ruby of Fire

Book : Geronimo Stilton : The Temple of the Ruby of Fire
Author : Geronimo Stilton
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Acc. No : G2082
Illustrators : Johnny Starcchino and Mary Fontina

This is yet another book from the famous book series 'Geronimo Stilton. This books tells about Geronimo's adventure in the Amazon Basin along with his nephew Benjamin, his cousins Thea, Trap and Professor Paws von Volt in search of the Temple of the Ruby of fire. During their journey, they meet the native tribe called the Yanomami and the descendants of the Incas dynasty.

The story contains funny incidents and provides a lot of information on the tribes and animals of Amazon basin. The most important part is that the story conveys messages on protecting nature and conserving natural resources. The book contains many questions and answers on the Amazon River as well as the native tribes and flora and fauna.

Even though the book is meant for small children, others can also enjoy the story. This is a fabulous book for middle-school students.
Hope scholastic publishes more awesome books like this.

Akul Rajeev
Vlll A

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