Rusty Runs Away



The name of the book about which this review is presented is titled "Rusty Runs Away" by Ruskin Bond. It is published by Puffin Books, Penguin Group. Its ISBN is – 9780143333395. The book costs Rs.250 but I get to know about Rusty free of cost from our library.

 The book was from the Fiction section. Even though the illustrations and pictures just appeared rarely in between the story, here or there, it was very helpful in understanding the context. These were made by Archana Sreenivasan. The cover design was done by Aparajita Ninan, which made me to choose it. 

The book is all about Rusty, the protagonist, who tells about his adolescence life in India. He does not like humdrum life and frequently experiences a state of loneliness. He finds his happiness in his banyan tree, reading books, spending time enjoying with his friends and living his life in his own way. He is a guy who is mostly liked by everyone at their first sight of him to mingle and talk with. There were two adventures of running away by Rusty, one from his boarding school and the other from his guardian, fulfilling the meaning of the title. Ruskin Bond have very beautifully exhibited Rusty's life. 

The story awards us with self-confidence and the importance of taking important choices in life which can make it successful or completely topsy-turvy. Rusty teaches us never to be hurt or worried with other's actions and to move forward at any stage of life with confidence, following our mind. It is my request to all those who are reading this review to please read the book.

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