71+10 New Science Project

Name of the book: 71+10 New Science Project
Publication: Pustak Mahal
Written by: Dr. C.L. Garg and Dr.Amit Garg.
Price: 120 Rupees
Content: 81 Science projects

The best book of science experiments I had read. This was an awesome book with 81 experiment altogether. Initially, to do the experiments was very easy with not much material required. But the principle used was very complex.

I did many splendid experiments such as needle floating on water due to surface tension and how to make a hovercraft. Hovercraft is a vehicle which neither touches ground nor touches water. It moves on a cushion of air. There is also a CD of these experiments but I didn’t got it. I thank the authors for writing such a beneficial book.

 There were illustrations in the end of every experiment. There were pictorial illustrations and circuit diagram. The last few experiments are a little complex. Those experiments were for higher class students. The material needed was also a little complex like transistors, capacitors, resistance etc. The surface tension experiment was the most interesting experiment. I could float a needle and safety pin on water with my hands. It was very surprising experiment. I hope I can do the last few experiments with the help of my father.

Abhiram. K
Class 8A
Roll no- 8128
Library no - S 5120

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