Rugmini mam had suggested me this book in our class last year which is written by Roald Dahl. These books are very superb and interesting and this was one of the reasons for me to take this book and another reason is that I did not read this book earlier. Madam had also suggested the crime series of Agatha Christie, the books of  R K Narayan and many others.

The BFG is a very kind hearted soul and also a pure vegetarian giant. He was very soft with good habits. He has a big ear at one of his sides and hence with the help of this he used to catch dreams. Actually he was a dream catching giant he took Sophie along with him when he finds her to catch dreams. I would like to have a ear such as the BFG so that I could detect the smallest of sounds and even tiny creature movements. BFG and Sophie did many expeditions and once they had to face the nine deadly and fearsome giants. The giants had galloped off to England and they informed the king about this and the queen did not believe at once but as Sophie narrated the whole story the queen believed it and the giants were beaten up and the story has a realistic end.

Thank you Roald Dahl for another wonderful book....................
This is only a book review but the actual essence of the story can be felt only while reading this
Exciting book by Roald Dahl

Sreevardhan A, VIII C

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