This book is a fiction written by Ruskin Bond. It is published by Penguin Groups. It was first published in the year 2011. It is printed at Repro.

The author, Ruskin Bond lives in Dehra. He studies in a boarding school at Simla. He usually comes to Dehra to see his mother and enjoy the winter holidays. He is a little detective.

The author likes to see movies in the theatre when he comes to Dehra. He explains most part of his life in this book. His mother works in Green's hptel. The hotel got this name not because it had greenary all round but because the hotel's owner's name was Mr.Green.He died in a crash in the sea.

Ruskin loves to hear music ande read books. HE likes to know more about the world.
 I loved this book. But some part of this book is not good. Otherwise, its an outstanding book with full of climaxes. I liked it.


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