Boy No. 32

Boy no. 32, is a 183 paged entertainer written by Venitha Coelho. This book was suggested to me by our beloved librarian Mujib sir. After reading this book I became one of the biggest fan of Venitha Coelho. I am having a tough time writing the review because I don’t want to give out spoilers.
This book was published by one of the leading publishers, Scholastic India on October 2017. The book starts with a situation in which Battees, an orphan of the Bal Ashiana Samskriti(BAS) was trapped inside a septic tank with a girl named Goongi, who was found from the Bombay Central station. Battees was a boy who longed to have a family. One of the things which I liked the most about the book is that the name of the characters had a relationship with his/her conduct. The title of the book is also derived from the boy’s name that is Battees which means 32 in Hindi. He got this name because he was the thirty-second one to join the orphanage.
The book contains many Hindi words which gives an Indian touch to the story. This book mainly deals with the under developed area of Mumbai. In the middle of the story, Battees becomes the witness of the terrorist attack in his orphanage. The story includes many thrilling and nail-biting sequences. For further fun and adventure read the book...
I would suggest this book to all ages especially children because this book states the importance having a family and make us realise how lucky each one of us are. I strongly believe that this is a must read for children.




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