David Copperfield

Title of the Book: David Copperfield
Author: Charles Dickens
Publisher: Pearson India Education Service
Year of publishing: 2005
Price: Rs.125
ISBN: 978-81-775-8669-5
Pages: 74


Do you want to have the effect of drinking a Masala Tea during reading a book? Then you have to read this awesome book named ‘DAVID COPPERFIELD’. 

This book is written by the great writer Charles John Huffam Dickens, also known as Charles Dickens. Sir Dickens, in this book, narrates the story of a boy named David Copperfield. The life of David goes through different emotions, different stages and ends at different stations. Many different characters come along this story, who have their own important roles. David is a good boy who came across many situations after his Father’s death. 

One interesting fact about this book is that it’s story goes through different emotions like sadness, romance, happiness, fear, nostalgia etc. To know the true story of David, you have to read this fabulous book. Anyway, it was a very interesting and thriller story for me and I liked reading this book very much!!! 

So, dear readers, you should not forget to read this fantastic book and I promise you that you’ll have a good opinion after reading this book.

Name of the Student: Amitha. A
Class: 8[Vlll]
Section: A
Admission Number: 5372

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