Author : Mac Barnett
Publisher : Orchard Books
Year of publication : 2018
Price : ₹988.60
ISBN : 978-1-338-14359-1
Pages : 160

I saw my friends reading the book. They shared a very good review which inspired me to issue this book from the library. This is an amazing book written by Mac Barnett . He shares his own experience in the book.

The story describes an incident happened in his life. He was an ordinary boy. He lived with his mother on the top of a hill in a little town called Castro Valley. One day astonishingly the Queen of England called this small boy for a favour! .The Crown Jewels were stolen by someone and he was asked to find it. He was given his plane ticket and a stack of colourful British money for flying to England in search of the Crown Jewels. Read the story further to know more about his investigations and adventures.

Every line you read makes you laugh out loud. It is a complete thriller, humorous, hilarious – fully illustrated spy series.

Aalia Thahzin

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