The Shadow of Darkness.
Price : Rs.52.00.
Published by : Ekalavya.
Author : Farideh Khalatbaree.
Art : NaseemAzadi.

This is an amazing story. I felt this story is like a horror story also because it is very scary story.
This story is about frightening of darkness and dark shadows that is the main thing of this story.
In this story one boy is scared of darkness so one day at night he told to his mom that “mom can u put lines own?” but his mother said “no you have grown up so you should be not scared of darkness” . When he is sleeping he is fearing. After some time he saw a darkness of a man then he took his bed sheet and covered with the bed sheet .Then the boy said to the shadow that “will u help me to frighten the kids who make fun of me ? .then the shadow said “of course. I will frighten any kid that you showed me. And then they go and frighten all the kids. One day his friends birthday celebration so he invite him and his friends also. And one day evening they celebrate his birthday, by nightfall the celebration was
over so the bot asked why the celebration is over? Then the birthday boy said “ all students were afraid of shadow so they have to go to home by nightfall “ then the boy said “but I am not afraid of any shadows “. Then in that night itself the shadow said to the boy I afraid all  kids and now I have to scared you so the boy is very frighten and scared.

CH Krishna

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