Peter Pan Book Review


About the author:  J.M.Barrie was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland. He did his primary education at Glasglow academy and continued his studies at Edinburgh. There, he studied literature. He wrote several news paper. One of the most famous news paper of J.M.Barrie is St.James Gazette. After working for a few years in this field, he soon became a novelist.  Most books written by him are based on adventure and it is very interesting!! His other books are – Better dead, When a man is single, A little white bird, My lady Nicotine, Peter Pan, A kiss for Cindrella and many more!!!

Peter Pan is one of the most wonderful book written by J.M.Barrie.  It is story of a child who loves adventure. His name is Peter Pan. One of the most interesting thing in that child is -  he can fly! But, he never grows. One night, while he was listening to Mrs.Darling’s  [one of the character in this story] bedtime story, he loses his shadow when he was escaping from her house. When he comes back, he requests Wendy to attach his shadow back to him. Wendy did as directed by Peter Pan. When Peter finds that she is so kind, he requests her to come with him to the island of Neverland, the most beautiful place to go with a girl. There, they enjoys exploring new world. I don’t know whether there is a place called Neverland. But, in this story Neverland is situated above the clouds. This story is  unimaginable. But, each and every sentence is written beautifully!!!
I loved this book very much. 

9 A

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