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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Wonder by R J Palacio: Book Review

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Auggie Pullman was born with a rare facial condition known as craniofacial difference which made people look at his face with a mean expression.The only one who never cared about his face was his pet dog Daisy who was regarded as the second daughter after Olivia in his family. Auggie has never been to a school before because he had special needs. He was homeschooled by his mother which left him so much time for his other interests and hobbies. Once, when all was going well in home, he overheard his parents discussing about meeting Mr.Tushman, the middle school director of Breecher Prep for getting Auggie a seat in the fifth grade. After a long battle between him and his parents, he agrees to meet Tushman. Auggie was expecting that face from Mr.Tushman- like the face people make after they watch some scary spooky movies. But he was nice to him and Auggie liked him. 

Tushman offered him a tour through the school by Jack, Julian and Charlotte who he thought were really nice kids. Jack and Charlotte were kind to Auggie. But Julian was like - " What's the deal with your face?Have you been in a fire or something" When the School reopened after Summer, Auggie noticed kids staring at him like they have swallowed something bad and nudging others to inform his arrival. This was all normal to him , but on Halloween when he secretly watched Jack whom he regarded as his best friend, telling something very mean about his face, he was deeply disappointed and taken aback. When he cried out that he no more wanted to go to school, his sister Via pacified him and said that in school such things happen often, it is we who have to face it and move forward. The fifth graders go for an excursion to a nature retreat where Jack stands up for him when some seventh graders from some other school insult Auggie. Amos and his friends who rescued them from the Seventh Graders, make friends with them. The news of the attack and how Auggie and Jack and Amos and group fought with them like a lion spreaded quickly in school. Now, even students who don't speak to Auggie ask him if he is okay and no one ever cares about his face. 

On the day of completing the fifth grade, when Auggie was half asleep hearing bits of Mr.Tushman addressing the audience, he suddenly listens to Mr.Tushman calling him, "Will August Pullman please come up here to receive this award?". Auggie stood up, as he walked towards the stage, people was applauding , his friends were cheering him, and when he reached close to the stage, people started standing up, clapping their hands with full acceptance. After he received his award, the most amazing thing happened: people took photographs with him. Even the kids who believed in plague game that says you have to wash your hands fast if they touch me, stood close to Auggie and took photos. Inspired after meeting a girl with a facial difference in an ice cream store, the author R.J Palacio made her first novel 'Wonder' a wonder.

Like Auggie had many marks on his face, the corona virus has left a deep undesirable mark on our minds. Situations like this, which are totally unexpected by us may come, but like Auggie faced the world we should face such situations. It is our actions that determine our fate. Also, like in the end Auggie was accepted by everyone, we should treat everyone without any difference. It's sure that people who read this book would not regret spending their time learning life lessons.

Abhiram K, X A

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