Thea Stilton And The Mystery in Paris

Title of the book: Thea Stilton And The Mystery In Paris
Author: Elisabetta Dami
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 978-0-545-22773-5

I well know there won’t be any person who doesn’t love fashion. And this book mainly deals with the mystery of true fashion. 

The Thea Sisters are on a voyage to find this mystery out. Colette invites her friends to france during their autumn break ….and they would also be able to attend the runway show of Colette’s cousin, Julie. But something strange and mysterious happened there as soon the Thea Sisters arrived. And this forms the rest of the story….I personally loved reading this story as I am a little bit crazy while dealing with fashion !!!
To know what happened in the rest of the story and how did the thea sisters solved it, you must read this ‘fabulous fashion’ thriller story…I suggest all fashion lovers to enjoy reading this book and get into the world of your fashion dreams….

Name of the student: Amitha A
Class and Section: 9 B

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